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Meleah Allard

Hendersonville, NC

Meleah is a pastor’s daughter and former lesbian who spent a decade living homosexually in her 20’s. Today, she is the Executive Director of New Beginning Support Ministry (NBSM). She began the ministry as a satellite of Truth Ministry in 2005 and completed the requirements to become an independent non-profit organization in early 2015 and is also a member of the Hope for Wholeness Network. Meleah and her team offer counseling, support groups, and a service ministry called Life Support. She is available for speaking, teaching and Skype counseling as well. Meleah has been married to Mark since 1995, and they have four adult children and two granddaughters. Meleah recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services at Montreat College, graduating with distinction. She also holds certifications from the American Association of Christian Counselors in biblical life coaching, healthy sexuality, and diagnosing and treating sexual addiction.

Debora Barr 140x200Debora Barr

Silver Spring, MA

Debora serves as the Director of the All Things New Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland, where she helps people who experience Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) and sexual brokenness to understand the causes and healing of SSA by searching the Word of God. This Ministry was born out of Debora’s transition out of nearly two decades of homosexuality through the love and support of a women’s Bible study group and the leadership of a church that was not willing to compromise their convictions while continuing to welcome and embrace her as God worked in her life. Debora is the author of All Things New – a Discipleship Ministry for Healing, and All Things New: a former lesbian’s life-long search for love. She is currently working on her Master of Divinity at Denver Seminary’s Washington D.C. extension site and also serves as the Director of the Extension site for Denver Seminary Washington D.C. This woman loves the Lord with all her heart and desires to help people completely transform their lives through their own personal relationship with Jesus.

Kyle Bowman 140x200Kyle Bowman

Lanham, MA

Kyle is a women’s ministry associate for Regeneration of Northern Virginia. She serves as a small group leader for the Path through the Wilderness program and facilitates the Tree of Life women’s program in Washington, DC. Kyle’s desire is to walk alongside women who are taking the journey toward wholeness and guide them to a more intimate relationship with Christ. Her hope is for women to know their identity rests in Jesus and not in their brokenness. “It’s amazing to see the transformation women make when they can fix their eyes on Jesus.” Kyle holds a master’s degree in Christian counseling and discipleship. In her spare time, she loves sitting down with a good book, being with family and friends, and hanging out with her four-legged friend, Tanner.

Tom Cole 140x200Tom Cole

Campobello, SC

Tom Cole is co-director of Pure Heart Ministries International and Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center. He and his wife, Donna, minister worldwide, bringing the healing work of Jesus to broken and wounded hearts. They own and operate Hope Grows Farm and Restoration Center in Campobello, SC, where they lead missionaries, pastors, leaders, and others through week-long intensives of counseling and prayer. They also lead the Hope Grows School of Sustainable Agriculture and Healing of the Soul at their 16-acre farm. They are authors of the book, Pure Heart—Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes.


Guy Hammond 140x200Guy Hammond

Ontario, Canada

Before becoming a Christian in 1987, Guy lived an active homosexual lifestyle for 12 years. He has now been a faithful disciple for almost 3 decades, has been married for 24 years to his wife Cathy, and they have 4 children. Guy is a best-selling author, international speaker, counselor, and Executive Director of “Strength in Weakness Ministries” educating Christians on how they can successfully share the good news of Christ with their gay friends and neighbors. The Hammonds have taught over 60,000 people in churches, faith-based groups and universities around the world.


McKrae Blue 140x210McKrae Game

Spartanburg, SC

McKrae is the president and founder of the Hope for Wholeness Network and author of The Transparent Life. For almost 20 years, McKrae has worked with countless men, teens, and families, helping them understand the root issues of homosexuality and how to have a successful, Christ-focused, and transparent life. McKrae started Truth Ministry in 1999; in 2013 it became Hope for Wholeness. He's been in full-time ministry since 2003. McKrae was ordained to work specifically in ministry with those affected by same-sex attractions. As a young man McKrae struggled desperately to understand who he was and at age 19, he began living as a homosexual for three and a half years. In 1991, a married couple reached out to him. McKrae attributes their love for him, their love for each other, and their evident love of God, as a key component to him coming to Christ. When he received Christ as Lord he walked away from his gay life. He believes he was uniquely shown a path to freedom that he began living. He calls that path, “The Transparent Life.” McKrae is open about his journey away from homosexuality while continuing to experience some ongoing same-sex attractions. He says that though his carnal mind hasn't changed, that the introduction to his life in Christ, the maturing of his faith, and growing into his manhood has changed everything. He was able to learn how to have healthy, fulfilling, relationships with men. A big part of leaving homosexuality, in addition to Christ's draw on his life, was a desire to marry a woman and have a family. McKrae and Julie fell in love and married in 1996. They and their two children, Seth (17) and Caroline (15) live in Spartanburg, SC.

Larry Lother 140x200Larry Lother

Seneca, SC

Larry has dedicated himself to helping individuals discover and release their maximum potential since he was set free from the compulsions of same-sex attractions in 1976. Since then, he has served on numerous pastoral and church staff positions. Larry currently serves on the board of directors for Soteria Community Development Center, a ministry for the previously incarcerated, as well as mentors at Anderson's Stringer Emergency Shelter. He has three sons: Jared, Joshua, and Thad.


Melissa Jo Wilson

Lexington, KY

Melissa has two master’s degrees—one in counseling from Eastern Kentucky University, and the other in social work from the University of Kentucky. Melissa has worked in several specialty areas of social work for the past 24 years. She has been teaching since 2006, currently teaching social work as an adjunct instructor at the University of Kentucky, as well as several area universities. Melissa is a devout follower of Jesus Christ. She comes from a Wesleyan background and today attends church at Southland Christian, where she serves as a Life group Facilitator and leader for Celebrate Recovery. In previous years, she served as a leader, counselor, teacher, and board member for an Exodus International member ministry in Lexington, KY.




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