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Conference Workshop Descriptions

LEADER’S CONFERENCE: Tracks from 12:30-1:30pm (A) Tracks from 2-3pm (B)

CONFERENCE: Tracks from 1-2p (C) Tracks from 2-3pm (D)

*All General sessions are being video recorded and all workshops are being audio recorded and available for purchase via a Conference Recordings registration that is available on the registration page, at the event, or online after the conference. Conference  DVD/CD Registrations must pick one workshop from each track, or go to the product selection page and pick individual teachings or as many workshops as you wish.



Reid Lehman Board Governance & FundraisingReid is a trained facilitator in the John Carver Board Governance model.  He will explain the importance of this type of model and problems that can arise when there is not this type of structure, issues like micromanaging and frustration between the ED and board.  Also in this workshop, the fundraising portion of his talk will focus on the need for partnership relational development. Leaders A 
Brenna Kate Simonds Self Care for LeadersAs ministry leaders, sometimes the most difficult person to care for is me. In this workshop, learn ideas for self-care (emotional, spiritual and physical) as well as how to prioritize yourself in the midst of a sea of needs. Leaders A 
Shawn Harrison Ministering to TeensGay teens need a safe space to belong and experience the presence of Christ. The church needs to provide such a space. This workshop will help equip leaders to minister to gay teens and their families within the church and community. Leaders A 
Emily Kellogg Counseling for Healthy Communication Within Family StructuresHomosexuality affects the whole family, not just the person struggling. Each family member has his/her own worldview about homosexuality. Why is it important to include the family unit in counseling? What does family counseling look like? How do you approach the different world views within the family? In this workshop, you will learn what the family unit is comprised of, how to process the hard questions within the developmental stages, and how to provide support for the family's needs as a whole by increasing appropriate and effective communication. Leaders B 
Meleah Allard Managing Ministry: Boundaries & BalanceIt is crazy how fast ministry work can take over your life. This is no accident but instead a strategic attack from our enemy to distract us from the most important thing. If he can’t keep us from God, he will try to keep us running in circles so that we are ineffective in our Christian lives and ministry work. This workshop will help you understand more about how to live the abundant and balanced life that Jesus died for you to have. Leaders B 
McKrae Game Marketing in Ministry/Technology In MinistryWhat role does marketing and technology play in your ministry? A very large one if you are wise. McKrae has much experience in this arena and in this workshop will share his expertise and lessons learned. Topics such as creating monthly newsletters; marketing special events; working with the press; communicating with donors, participants and the general public and creating and maintaining a blog will all be covered. He will discuss the power of social media in your ministry as well as using tools like video conferencing through Google Chat and Skype. Leaders B 
Shawn Harrison Loving Your Gay Identified ChildrenWhen a child comes out to you as gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual, what do you say to them and how do you handle the situation? In this workshop, Shawn will look beneath these questions and others for parents of gay children. Conference C
Brenna Kate Simonds Think Like a Free PersonYour thoughts affect how you view God, how you view yourself, as well as your ability to become all God created you to be. In this workshop, you will learn how to think like the free person Jesus died for you to become. Conference C
Ralph Puccini Walking Out ForgivenessIn Matthew 18: 21-22 Peter asked Jesus how many times we are to forgive our brothers & sisters who sin against us, 7 times?  Jesus answers him saying not 7 times, but 70 TIMES 7!  So okay, you forgave those who sinned against you per Jesus' command - but the pain of the sin is still there - NOW what do you?!  Forgiving those who wronged us is just the first step.  In this workshop, Ralph will share his personal journey in the on-going process of walking out forgiveness. Conference C
Sonia Balcer Joyful Consecration in SinglenessIs it possible to remain faithful, pure of heart, and alive amid ongoing temptation?  The answer is "yes!"  In this workshop, a "long term" perspective is shared for renewal of strength in walking in love with Christ and joyously living out His creative purposes. Conference C
Elsie Odom Starting a Ministry in Your ChurchYou may be asking the question, “What can I do?”  This workshop will provide practical suggestions and ideas on how you may start an effective Christian ministry for those affected by homosexuality within your church based on Elsie’s personal experience and research.  Conference  C
Jayson Graves Healthy Male Same-Sex RelationshipsJoin Jayson in this workshop, where centering on the person of Jesus Christ together, we will seek the Lord mutually as the Body of Christ as He uses our spiritual gifts, wisdom and experience to build one another up interactively in the area of Healthy Male friendships. Conference C
Cindy Keehn What The Bible Really Teaches About HomosexualityUsing standard accepted methods of interpretation Cindy will investigate what the Word says, and doesn't say, about homosexuality. She will discuss how to accurately handle Scripture to prevent being misled by unconventional approaches and will dispel some of the common misinterpretations circulated today. As she seeks for Biblical Truth, will also find the Grace that is equally there. Conference D
Miranda Pettit & Kim Broadhead Healthy Female Same-Sex RelationshipsThis workshop will discuss what healthy female relationships are and are not using Biblical and practical standards; Establishing an accountability relationship with a friend, mentor, or leader, and the basics of accountability; Recognizing red flags in relationships and how to avoid/handle them; In this workshop Miranda and Kim will explain developing healthy boundaries with a struggler and the dangers of emotional enmeshment. Conference D

 Ed and Donna Reigner
Parent’s Testimony WorkshopIn this workshop, learn and be encouraged as these experienced parents share very honestly about their 15 year journey with a gay identified son and his long term partner. They will end with a time of Q&A and try to answer your questions as well. Conference D
Steven Bjork Bitterness ReleasedIn this workshop, join Steven as he shares his own journey of freedom from bitterness. You will learn about how the releasing of bitterness can bring hope for the future, restore friendships, and help you have even a closer walk with Christ. Conference D
Meleah Allard Search For Significance: Looking beyond relationships for fulfillmentIn this workshop, participants will take an assessment to determine from where their significance is being derived. Meleah will explain about barriers and roadblocks to a healthy identity in Christ. Then she will discuss practical ways to find our significance in the place God designed. Conference D
Tom Vinegar Overview of the BattleSince the 911 terror attack, the United States has been at war against terror.  Many times we feel we are in a constant battle.  With each successful battle or war, there must be an overview of the battle or a battle plan.  Often times our enemy surrounds us, but scripture tells us that sin comes from within.  This workshop will look at our battle overall, and how to work towards a successful battle plan to receive the promised victory in Christ. Conference D
Larry Lother Wholeness through Affirmation“Affirmative action” is an effort to promote the rights or progress of other disadvantaged people.  Father God expressed that effort in His love shown through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Word says in the Psalms, “We are His people, the sheep of His pasture,” and, “it is He who hath made us, and not we ourselves.” In this workshop, Larry will reveal the unique care, concern, and omniscience of Father God.  Workshop time will be devoted to the discovery that “Father knows you” and WHO you really are. Conference D


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