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Video Corrections: 28,000 to HFW website not FB Page. 10 groups, not 8.

HFW Zoom Groups offer an intimate, face to face experience in the privacy and convenience of your own home. Video is not required, telephone is a function of Zoom.

HFW Zoom Groups are for anyone who experiences same-sex attraction or has a past/or current struggle with homosexuality. Regardless of your location or time zone, we hope you'll participate. The only requirement, at this point, is speaking English. 

As leadership is available, we'll be offering eight (8) different groups: Men, Women, Married Men, Married Women, Spouse groups for wives or husbands who struggle, Young Men, and Young Ladies. 

Get started by completing the form below. The groups require your stated information be confirmed through a Referral Contact. If you're a leader OR meet the requirements to be a Discussion Group Leader, we hope you'll join and help. In addition to the categories, large groups will be broken up into small groups. 

Weekly group registration: Click here to use this link to register for the group EACH WEEK.

When registering each week, please put your category before your first name:

Men (M)

Women (W)

Married Men (MM)

Married Women (MW)

Husbands (spouse struggles) (SH)

Wives (spouse struggles) (SW)

Young Men (YM)+Age

Young Women (YW)+Age

Parents (P)

Leaders (LD)

Examples: John Smith (not a group leader who is Single or Divorced) "M John Smith." Mary Doe is 16 (not a group leader) "YL16 Mary Doe."

If you qualify as a Discussion Group Leader, each week when registering, please put (L) and your category/ies, with commas separating them. You'll need to complete the form below and be verified prior to the meeting. 

The group(s) will have a new password generated each week, which will be emailed to you each time you register. If you have any questions, or to speak with us to confirm your identity, please call 1-844-332-3809 M-F 9:30-5:00 EST. 

Training: There are two training opportunities each week for Discussion Group Leaders. General participants are welcome. Click one of the links below. You'll need to complete the form below and be verified prior to the meeting. 

Scheduled meetings: Saturdays @ 2:00pm EST & Wednesdays @ 11:00am EST

If you cannot attend either of these times, contact McKrae for a private training to be scheduled.

Additional events you'll want to register for:

April 1st–HFW Testimony Night & Benefit: This is a night where we're asking you to consider how you can help HFW. You can first help by saying you want to give a short testimony of why you appreciate HFW and how it has impacted your life. Through the event, we're going to be asking you to partner with us in our efforts. Register today and tell your friends about it. This is going to be a large event that we hope hundreds attend. (This is a webinar, so there will be viewers only and invited participants.)

May 1st–Meet Lori Wellenberg: Lori is the Author of a Messy Journey and mother of a young woman in lesbianism. Lori and her daughter have a challenging yet rewarding relationship. The book was a collaborative effort of her and her daughter, and her daughter does speak with her mother from time to time and may be able to join us on May 1st. Join in.




HFW’s Zoom groups are secured through a verifiable Referral Contact requirement (or Federal ID with photo and HFW phone and then video interview); weekly refreshed password protection; and end-to-end encryption.

Hope for Wholeness leadership will hold as confidential all disclosures including:  documents, phone calls, video transactions, emails, text messaging of any kind, one-on-one meetings, and any information shared within any support group settings.

Exceptions to this confidentiality:

All leaders of Hope for Wholeness reserve the right to discuss with other HFW leaders or HFW-approved professional counselors matters disclosed by individuals or group members for the purpose of receiving counsel, supervision, and oversight.

Anyone coming to Hope for Wholeness for counsel who discloses intentions to take harmful, dangerous, or criminal action against another human being or against themselves will necessitate that Hope for Wholeness leadership warn appropriate individuals of such intentions.

Suspected acts of child abuse or neglect will be reported.

A moral or ethical violation involving any HFW minor will be reported.

Discussion will occur in which a plan of action will take place.  The individual will be advised/consulted for any plans that would need to follow.  A period of time would be given to the individual for progress and self-disclosure if appropriate.

Those warned may include a variety of such persons: the person or family of the person who is likely to suffer the result of harmful behavior; the family of the group member who intends to harm himself/herself or someone else; associates or friends of those threatened or making threats; and/or law enforcement officials or child protection services.



As a rule, we ask that you not promote events, organizations, ministries, or counselors outside the HFW Referral Network. If you are a Discussion Goup Leader who is not a part of the HFW Referral Network, we ask you do not self-promote or solicit group members. It is between you and a group member, if they contact you, outside the group.

Hope for Wholeness is a non-denominational network. Our guiding principal is God’s Word. To read our beliefs and positions, go to ABOUT > Mission & Beliefs, as well as Policy Statements. With that said, you should rest in the fact that you will not be persuaded to embrace or accept what is not doctrinally or theologically acceptable to you.

We do not promote and ask group leaders and participants to refrain from promoting any belief or method that is specifically addressed as not practicing or against, within our policy statements and beliefs. Specifically, this would include, but not be limited to: shaming anyone, a focus on altering one’s attractions, holding therapy, and reparative or change therapies.

Discussion Group leaders and members are asked to refrain from denominational and spiritual issues that lean toward being divisive such as implying a personal theological belief around eternal security, speaking/praying in tongues, the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a separate experience from salvation, tithing, and masturbation. Masturbation may be addressed by the leader when brought up by members for the encouragement toward freedom from addiction and the habitual nature, as well as the destructive nature of shaming one’s self through pornography and sexual fantasy. While we believe all sexuality should be within marriage of a man and woman, there is not specific scriptural reference on masturbation, and ask that a hard line not be drawn. This is a group for understanding and accountability, focusing on the forgiveness and grace found in Jesus while encouraging one another toward wholeness and freedom in Christ and growth toward maturity.

We ask that discussions be respectful of everyone in the group. Please give others the respect that you would hope others would give you. Please do not interrupt anyone while they’re speaking. Please keep your sharing brief as possible, not monopolizing the group. Please do not ask probing questions. Please do not argue with group members. Please refrain from graphic details, not painting word pictures, not giving details of sexual experiences and/or fantasies, not giving details of names of websites or apps, locations of clubs, parks, hangouts, etc. If anyone’s sharing during the group is making you uncomfortable, feel free to raise your hand to signify they are being too graphic. (If on the phone, simply interrupt saying “excuse me.”) If you have something graphic or feel is inappropriate to share in group, but feel it needs to be shared/get off your chest, feel free to contact your group leader privately or any HFW Referral leader or the HFW office.

We ask you dress modestly for the groups. While we will not forbid sleeveless shirts or tank tops, we ask you to be respectful and modest in your dress and mannerisms while online. A shirt is required.

Please remember that this is a confidential group. We MUST agree to keep anyone's comments, prayer requests private and not repeat something said in the group. Privacy and respect will make this group a good thing.

While contacting one another outside of group is not forbidden, our hope and intention are that the groups be for fellowship and encouragement. We want to ensure safety and never for soliciting anyone for misbehavior, flattery, sharing photographs, meeting, or adding them to a group where inappropriate behavior occurs, etc. If anyone contacts you within HFW for any inappropriate behavior or manner that makes you feel uncomfortable, first tell that person they must stop, they are making you uncomfortable, and please report this to the Hope for Wholeness office and/or your HFW Referral Leader.

All meetings are recorded, should they need to be reviewed by HFW leadership after the meeting. Recordings are not kept indefinitely but automatically record over one another after 30 days.


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